Our Products



Knossos soaps are manufactured by a family run company who have been making Olive Oil soap since 1955 in the village of Crete in Greece.

Caviar of Switzerland

With the great help of PRINCE Michael Massalsky – one of the pioneers in the development of rare and luxurious STURGEON CAVIAR in beauty products – the Caviar of Switzerland has become a huge success.


Olivaloe natural cosmetics was born amongst the olive groves in Crete, Greece. Organic olive oil is natures great gift offered in abundance to Greece, providing us with this liquid gold that nourishes, heals and embellishes us.


Balance your body naturally with our premium CBD Oil   Organic / Vegan / GMO free / Broad spectrum / Lab tested and NAFS certified / "Entourage effect" without the THC psychoactive compound / Nappi code approved 

Moringa Tea4u

An exquisite moringa tea selection of six natural blends: Strawberry / Orange / Lemon + Ginger / Peach / Mint / Pomegranate

Raw Pye's Honey

Non-radiated, home grown, South African pure raw honey, containing natural vitamins, minerals and amino acids