About Us

About us

Emmanuella’s Inspiration

Our Journey began when Sophia experienced some health problems and was admitted to the hospital on and off to manage her related stomach pain. Tired of never fully recovering, Sophia decided it was time to get healthy the right way. This began with a healthy detox to cleanse her body and educating herself about natural remedies, self-care and ‘clean’ products. This included sourcing natural cosmetic products without nasty toxins, parabens, silicones, synthetics, etc. At this time, Sophia struggled to find these natural products that would jointly fit her budget and extend natural remedies to a full range of cosmetics including skin, sun, hair and cleansing care. This was a turning point in Sophia’s life and she began to develop a sincere interest and enthusiasm in natural care.

Shortly after Sophia’s colon recovery, she went on a family holiday to her native country, Greece. Whilst in Greece, her daughter Emmanuella, started an eczema flare-up. She was advised to use a natural Greek Knossos olive oil soap [along with other medicinal creams]. Sophia fell in love with this soap. It gently cleansed her family’s skin and furthermore left their skin soft, supple and moisturised. After her Greek holiday, Sophia continued to use these soaps and imported them for her family’s personal use in South Africa.

After importing the Knossos soaps for a couple of years, Sophia decided she wanted to build a business around what she loved, and so Emmanuella’s Inspiration was born. Starting with natural cosmetics, Sophia brought in some reinforcements by way of her sister Evangelia and good friend Sally.

Together we offer a range of effective, natural products in harmony with nature and in the near future we will be expanding our product range to include quality lifestyle products.